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ACTIV5 Measurement in the palm of your hand.

The Activ5, is a patented force measurement System.

A "Force Dynamometer"

 Activforce is a platform that empowers Physiotherapists to provide better care through precise and quantifiable objective data in real-time.

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There’s strength in numbers.  

Physiotherapists know how crucial data is to a successful rehabilitation process and in building a strong Physio-patient relationship. Rather than make inferences based on “feel” and intuition, Activ5 can now enhance current manual muscle testing techniques by adding data to the palm of our hands.  

Padstow Physios goal is to help guide you through your rehabilitation journey with precise, objective data and measurements.

Data doesn’t lie; & can help track progress as well as guide you on any areas that may need attention.

Share progress  

Keeping patients motivated is a key part of the rehabilitation process. Being able to share real-time progress and specific, data-driven milestones go a long way towards keeping momentum and morale high.  

Improve recovery and outcomes  

Bettering patient outcomes and aiding the recovery process is important. We aim to provide objective data so you can make the best decisions.  

  • We can Test & Track

  • Strength of specific & individual muscle groups

  •  Endurance of specific muscle groups 

  • Left/right symmetry 

  • Peak performance and force over time 

  • Progress of training / exercise 

  • Performance overtime 

  • Real-time results & training 

  • Give patients access to progress reports

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