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What everyone with “BACK PAIN”  needs to know about to overcome their debilitating problem.


  • Up to 80%+ will suffer from it

  • >90% of these will have a re-occurrence within 6-12 months

  • BACK PAIN may occur as a result of:

  • twisting, bending or lifting incorrectly

  • Poor posture

  • Getting older

  • Defects in the spine

  • Or an old re-occurring injury


                You know the feeling, can’t walk without pain, can’t even get out of bed without pain. You’ve stopped exercising because of pain, put on weight, Can't garden, bend, lift without PAIN; it’s starting to really get to you! Stressed, tired maybe even depressed about how long you’ve had your Back Pain. You’ve tried Medication, HEAT, ICE, stretching,  advice from friends, maybe even other forms of treatment.


Well now at Padstow Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre we’re offering the

“The 4 step System for Rapid BACK PAIN RELIEF within 4 weeks”


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