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Achieve fitness with our help!


Made a promise to yourself to get fit in 2021?

- especially during Covid Times?


If you did, you’re not alone. Many of our patients make this same promise to themselves, however, they find it hard to get motivated once the summer months are over;

 your expert Padstow Physiotherapist can help.


We can recommend exercises that are designed specifically for you to achieve your desired level of fitness. The more you repeat and become aware of an activity, the easier it becomes. Our practice looks at types of exercises/activities, specific workloads, durations of activities/sessions and intensity guidelines and can devise a plan to help you achieve your target fitness level.

OPT IN & we will send you the 7 tips to help you become motivated and fit in 2020.












See one of our Expert Padstow Physiotherapists about developing an exercise program for you today and GET MOTIVATED!



Padstow Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

25 Cahors Rd Padstow 2211.

02 9773 0687


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