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The Conforstrap back support is an elastic knitted lumbar support. Providing moderate compression, this comfortable to wear back support features an ergonomic front panel and two flexible abdominal stays. Incorporating a removable hot/cold pack, this back support helps to alleviate pain by exerting compression.


Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Pain relief - Exerting compression helps alleviate pain
  • Muscle relaxant - Use of hot / cold pack helps relieve tensions
  • Postural reminder - Proprioceptive effect helps prevent noxious movements


Features & Benefits

  • Removable hot/cold pack - For pain relief via cryo/thermotherapy
  • 3D knit and multi-directional elastic fabric - For anatomic fit and optimal comfort
  • 4 Pre-shaped dorsal stays – Stabilization of sacro-lumbar area
  • Hand loop – Ease of application
  • 2 Flexible abdominal stays

Conforstrap Back Brace

Size: XLarge
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