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FisiocremNatural Pain relieving Cream  The perfect natural solution for soft tissue trauma such as bumps, bruises and common muscular aches and pains that result from work, sport, or domestic injury. A special combination of natural plant extracts. Rapid penetration and fast relief, the more you rub the deeper it works! Clean and easy to use with a pleasant natural smell. Used and recommended by Health Professionals across the world.

Fisiocrem 60g

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  • What is it?

    Fisiocrem is an effective, massage cream to care for the muscles and ligaments following injury related to daily activity or intense physical exercise, and for temporary relief of muscular aches and pains.

    What’s in it?

    You already know the value and use of Fisiocrem SOLUGEL in easing muscular aches. You know that the plants active ingredients have been in traditional use for many, many years based on old traditional folklore and healing.

    But modern science brings many new insights into active plant ingredients, their components and activities.

    At Fisiocrem, we offer you some “light” in this field.

    Arnica montana

    Hypericum perforatum

    Calendula officinalis

    Arnica montana

    Arnica is probably one of the best-known herbs worldwide for its use in natural medicine. It has become famous for its role in Homeopathic medicine where the dilution of the plant is used orally.

    Arnica pure herb extracts, when applied topically are extremely effective in treating soft tissue injuries and especially for recovery from bruising.

    + info arnica montana: 1. The effects of topical Arnica on performance, pain and muscle damage after intense eccentric exercise. Kate L Pumpa, Kieran E Fallon, Alan Bensoussan, Shona Papalia; a National Institute of Sport Studies , University of Canberra , Canberra , Australia. 2. Holistic Nursing Practice: A Proprietary Arnica Gel Is Found to Be as Effective as Ibuprofen Gel in Osteoarthritis. July/August 2008 - Volume 22 - Issue 4 - p 237–239. 3. Accelerated resolution of laser-induced bruising with topical 20% arnica: A rater-blinded randomized controlled trial. S. Leu; J. Havey; L.E. White; N. Martin; S.S. Yoo; A.W. Rademaker; M. Alam. British Journal of Dermatology. 2010;163(3):557-563. 4. European Medicines Agency, community herbal monograph on Arnica montana L., flos 9 July 2013 EMA/HMPC/198793/2012 Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products (HMPC).

    Hypericum perforatum

    Commonly known as “St John’s Wort”, the oily extracts are bright red in colour from the active components, hypericin and hyperforin. St John’s Wort has a long history for its use in soothing lower back pain, strains and sprains.

    + info hypericum perforatum: 1. Topical application of St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum). Wölfle U, Seelinger G, Schempp CM. Planta Medica Journal 2014 Feb;80(2-3):109-20. 2. Topical anti-inflammatory activity of extracts and compounds from Hypericum perforatum L. Sosa S, Pace R, Bornancin A, Morazzoni P, Riva A, Tubaro A, Della Loggia R. J Pharm Pharmacol. 3. European Medicines Agency, community herbal monograph on Hypericum perforatum L., herba (traditional use).

    Calendula officinalis

    Plays an important role providing a calming relief for angry localised tissues.

    + info calendula officionalis: 1. European Medicines Agency, community herbal monograph on Calendula officinalis L., flos London, 5 July 2007 Doc. Ref. EMEA/HMPC/179281/2007.

    Fisiocrem SOLUGEL contains high levels of active plant extracts. These are not homeopathic dilutions. They are concentrated pure herb extracts derived from plants that are grown and harvested to specific requirements especially for Fisiocrem SOLUGEL.

    Fisiocrem SOLUGEL does not contain parabens, hydroxybenzoates or any other artificial preservatives.

  • No refunds are applicable to medicine type products

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