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  • Relieves pain and stabilises thumb.
  • Thermoplastic support stabilises thumb.
  • Thermoplastic insert may be removed as healing progresses.
  • Keeps the CMC and MCP joints in a neutral position.


How to Wear:

  • Insert the thermoplastic plate into the pocket.
  • Pour hot water (about 75℃/ 167℉) into the pocket. Water temperature can not be above 100℃/ 212℉.
  • Pour out water when thermoplastic plate is mouldable.
  • Mould the plate and wait until it becomes stiff. Dry support with a towel.
  • Adjust the Velcro® strap for correct fitting of the support.



  • Ulnar/radial collateral ligament injury.
  • Arthritis.
  • DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis.
  • MCP or CMC joint dislocation.
  • Gamekeeper’s thumb.

Oppo Wrist/Thumb Support

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